About The London Bakery

    • The London Bakery was founded in July 2003 to create and supply hand-made artisan breads and pastries to top hotels, restaurants, caterers and private clubs throughout London. 

      The London Bakery was established when several chefs from the renowned Capital Hotel kitchens along with entrepreneur David Levin saw the opportunity in the market for the of provision of handcrafted bread of the highest quality.

      We use exceptional ingredients, including the best quality French flour and English flour from the Cotswolds.  100% natural and additive free each element is carefully selected. 

      Our selection includes bread, rolls, Vienoisserie and cakes along with speciality breads and pastries from traditional rye bread to yeast free sourdough. 

      Considered a ‘small’ bakery, we have the flexibility to develop products to meet our clients’ specific needs, cater for unique functions and offer a collection of bespoke, handmade bread. 

      For example, we worked on the pop up Noma restaurant at Claridge's in 2011 and due to the high specifications of the clients, had to import ingredients from Denmark and adopted our mixology.