Our Philosophy and The Team

    • We aim to be recognized as the finest artisan bread makers and providers in London. 

      We continuously strive for excellence at the bakery, and maintain the philosophy that you can always further ones knowledge and improve on ones skills. We honour our commitment to delivering exceeding quality, and endeavour to outdo the expectations of all of our customers. We promote innovation by show casing our passion for baking, and uphold strong business ethics in what we do. 

      We continuously strive to improve, and always ensure that The London Bakery is an enjoyable environment and a strongly bonded team.

      Our Head Baker Theirry Tellier has superb ingredient knowledge, originality in shaping and mouldingand thorough experience in first-class establishments, Thierry has thesavoir-fair vital to meet the demands of top chefs. Most importantly, heunderstands their need to offer a quality product, delivered daily on time withno exception and to meet margins.